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SNR Avenues & SNR ventures is India’s quickly growing property development company. Our focus is on the development of premium residential & commercial properties, which address the requirements of our clientele. With years of expertise, SNR Avenues & SNR ventures is specialized in creating futuristic designs, robust project execution and quality construction.

Though we focus on the development of residential & commercial properties, we also indulge in the creation of new design models. We organize Research and Development activities to bring those breath taking designs to our clientele.

SNR Avenues & SNR ventures thrive on the combo of innovative style, technology and quality. We are always ahead of the competition due to it. Many of our designs set trends in the market. We indulge in the creation of all types of residential and commercial projects, like gated communities, villas, shopping malls, etc.

We have been growing rapidly due to our commitment to quality assurance policies and consistent pursuance for excellence within the field of construction and property development. The company is supported by an elite team of expert engineers and consultants. We make sure that each project of SNR is a success and the clientele are happy. It contributes to our growing family of delighted customers.



  • Brian J. Rodriguez
    Brian J. Rodriguez Finance Manager

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  • Rosalia C. Simmons
    Rosalia C. Simmons SUPPORT STAFF

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  • To unfold the work and name of SNR Avenues & SNR Ventures in the market. Establish ourselves as the beloved company of the customers.
  • We endeavor to preserve and enhance our name for integrity through all our actions
  • To build long lasting relations with customers and safeguard their trust, investments and emotions with us.
  • To offer fulfillment of aspirations and lend happiness to our clientele
Core Values
  • We look forward to creating solutions according to the requirements of the customers. We take pride in serving them adeptly.
  • Our team provides healthy work environment for the individuals to thrive.
  • Well respect our surroundings and take environmental friendly actions.
  • We will abide by to the laws of the state and fulfill all our statutory obligations

“When we say we are empowered by passion, we mean it. This is the way we have sticked with since the very first day of our business. We are proud of what we have done but also very keen for what can be done.”


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